Add A 2-Way Messaging App To Your Website To Improve Your Customer Service

Do you offer sales online through the company website or some other kind of online portal? If so, you likely also provide at least some kind of customer support, perhaps through an email address or a phone number. But today, more and more sales-oriented businesses like yours are turning to 2-way messaging apps to help streamline the customer service experience. Here's how adding a 2-way messaging app to your website can benefit your customers and your business.

Offer Help Without Long Hold Times

Just about no one likes being put on hold. But when your only customer support option is a 1-800 number that people have to dial, chances are that customers will have to wait at least a little bit of time before they can get the help they need. By adding a messaging app to your company website, you can allow people to get help directly from the page they're on without having to call a number and go on hold. With 2-way messaging, a customer support rep can respond almost immediately to any inquiry, and it's even possible that a seasoned rep might be able to juggle multiple chat windows, helping multiple customers at the same time. This is something that's not likely to be possible over the phone, and it could help you get support to your customers much faster.

Provide a Real Person Instead of a Computerized Voice

Besides being placed on hold, another thing that most people don't like about customer service hotlines is the fact that they often have to go through multiple computerized prompts before they can even get the opportunity to speak to a real person. With a messaging app, the customer can connect to your rep instantly, without needing to push 1 for sales, push 2 for another option, and so on. Customer satisfaction will likely go up, thanks to the ability to cut through the red tape and get immediate assistance.

Prevent Customers From Leaving the Sales Page

Is your company currently only offering support through e-mail? This will require the customer to leave the page they were on and open up another application on their computer or mobile device. Once the customer leaves the sales portal, it's not likely they are going to go back and buy, at least not until they get an answer to their question. With 2-way messaging, your customer can get immediate help right on the website without leaving the page with the "buy" button. If your rep can resolve the customer's question immediately, they will be much more likely to put the sales order through.

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