4 Tips For Buying A Domain Name

If you want to leave your mark on the internet, you will need to purchase a domain name so that you have a place to host your website and leave your own unique mark. When it comes to buying a domain name and establishing your online presence, you will want to be smart. Here are some tips.

Keep It Simple

When trying to come up with a domain name, don't get too complicated. If you want people to type your domain name into their browsers directly, you are going to want to stick to an easy-to-remember name. Try to avoid things such as hyphens, which most people will forget, in your domain name. You want it to be obvious from hearing the domain name how to spell the domain name and access your website. Avoid strangely spelled domains unless you already have an established brand.

Go Beyond the .com

As you look for a domain name, you will want to look beyond the .com domain extension. It may be what started the internet, but it is also oversaturated and much harder to secure a name you want with a .com domain extension.

There are now literally hundreds of extensions, with lots of available names, on the market. Look at what type of domain extensions are prevalent in your niche or industry and use one of those. This may allow you to score a website name with a domain extension that is more memorable and shorter.

Think About Social Media

If you want to set up social media accounts for your website, check out what social media handles are available before choosing your domain name. Ideally, you will want to have some unity between your social media handles and your domain name to make it easier for people to find you and make it easier for you to build your brand.

Shop Around

Once you know what name you want, shop around. Many different sites sell domain names, and they don't all charge you the same amount for the same domain name. Some may offer additional security features as well or offer website hosting packages. That is why you will want to do some comparison shopping so you can find a cheap domain name registration company that allows you to secure the name you want at a price you can afford.

When looking at the domain registration price, pay attention to how long the pricing lasts. Some sites will offer a cheap deal for the first year and increase the prices to maintain the registration after that, whereas others will offer a good deal all the time.

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